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Picture Search Engines


Search pictures on all other websites by using this directory of picture search engines. Keep in mind, that the picture search engines will bring you both amateur pictures and professional stock pictures. Some pictures will be free for your use. Other pictures will be available only if you pay for the exact use you intend or as royalty-free pictures. Anyway these picture search engines will bring you a lot of inspiration to help you with your needs for pictures.

If you know the web address of a website with a lot of pictures you can simply write the web-address in the search field of the picture search engine and this search will show you all the pictures of the website (if they are registered by the picture search engine).

Click here to see a demonstration from searching for in the picture search engine of Google: Click

Big stock photo agencies will have their own on site picture search engine, e.g. Search stock photography from from England or Stock photos from Age Fotostock from New York and Spain.

Or you can try a specialised picture agency, like with the main focus on nature and wildlife pictures from Scandinavia and around the World.

The picture search engines

(Each link opens in a new window so you can compare several picture search engines)

Google Image search The most comprehensive image search on the web with 400 million images

Yahoo Image Search Search photos by format, coloration, and size - including wallpaper-sized images. Now your image search results will include the latest pictures from Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Movies.

Picsearch - The search engine for pictures and images.

Press Release: Picsearch announces collaboration with MSN

Image search for the new MSN Search is powered by Picsearch AB.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, February 21, 2005 - Picsearch announced today that it has entered into an agreement to supply the new MSN Search service with image search services. This means that MSN consumers may search for electronic images on the Internet using technology made available by Picsearch.

Nils Andersson, CEO of Picsearch, said "I am very excited that Picsearch's technology will be used to find images on the Web for this worldwide service. MSN shares our desire to be at the forefront of the net search market. Picsearch will continue providing the highest quality image search service in the world. New features are always being developed."

The new MSN Search, launched on February 1, delivers the information consumers are looking for online more precisely through a combination of up-to-date resources and search tools that make it possible for consumers to tailor their search to their needs. With a database of hundreds of millions of images Picsearch forms part of this integrated service.

"The new MSN Search service offers a large index to help consumers quickly and easily find the information that is of interest to them," said Justin Osmer, product manager at MSN. "MSN is proud to team up with Picsearch to offer a vast index of high-quality images that are relevant to our consumers' queries."

About Picsearch
Picsearch creates leading image search solutions that power visual search for many of the Web's leading properties. The company syndicates its technology to search engines and portals to enable them to complete their own search package by acquiring powerful image search capabilities. By enhancing the service that they can offer to their users, Picsearch's syndication partners benefit from increased user-traffic and higher revenue. Since Picsearch's inception in 2000, its syndication partners have come to include top Internet properties MSN, Ask Jeeves Inc and Lycos Europe GmbH. For more information, visit

Altavista picture search engine (Altavista was formerly the biggest seach engine on earth.)

All The Web picture search egine They write: "AlltheWeb scans the entire web every 7 - 11 days to ensure that our content is fresh and that there are no broken links."

Search pictures at Lycos Multimedia search Here you will find lots of on-line pictures and other multimedias.

Picture search at Ask Jeeves

Ditto picture search engine " The Ditto site is a TLS Technologies property. We are the world’s leading visual search engine. Ditto enables people to navigate the Web through pictures. It is far easier for people to find what they are looking for when they are looking at it! Pictures are fun, fast and intuitive.
The premise behind our company is twofold; deliver highly relevant thumbnail images AND the highly relevant web sites underlying these images. In accomplishing this task we have compiled the largest searchable index of visual content on the internet via proprietary processes. These are accessible on our standalone web site or via the web sites of our Visual Search Partners.
" (Quotation from the website of Ditto).

Good luck with your picture search.
Soren Breiting


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Observe that a number of synnonyms are used related to image searches online. Images, pictures and photos are very similar words and concpets but are used in quite different ways in different English speaking countries - not to mention the special use by English of non-English speakers.

Similar there are differences between 'stock photos' and 'stock photography'.

Add to this the more slang use of 'pics' and 'pixs' to understand the great variety in the field of resources of pictures online to be aware of in your image search.